Singapore is an exciting and vibrant destination that offers something for everyone. From world-class attractions to hidden gems, there are plenty of things to explore in this bustling city-state. Whether you’re looking for a cultural experience, outdoor adventures, or a little retail therapy, read on to discover some of the best Attractions and things to do in Singapore

Explore the City's Historic Architecture

Take some time to explore the breathtaking colonial landmarks, temples, and Asian and international architecture – many of which were built by renowned architects. One of the best places to start is at Raffles Hotel. Built-in 1887, it’s a stunning building in itself and also home to The Long Bar - where you can taste the famous Singapore Sling cocktail! Another must-visit place for architecture lovers is Marina Bay Sands – one of the top attractions in Singapore. The vibrant skyline teamed with a mix of old and new buildings makes for quite a sight.

Historic Architecture
Historic Architecture

Visit the Gardens by the Bay and Marvel at the Super Trees

One of the main attractions that you can’t miss when exploring Singapore is the incredible Gardens by the Bay. It’s a nature park built around three waterfront gardens - namely Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. Take some time to admire its unique art, architecture, and horticulture landscape through events such as garden rambles, outdoor film screenings, and even dining experiences. A definite highlight is the beautiful Super trees – eighteen man-made trees ranging from 25 to 50 meters tall. They provide an incredible light show come nightfall. Take a Rideshare to pork ribs soup Heritage Food Alley.

If you’re looking for a truly local experience and delicious food, the pork ribs soup Heritage Food Alley is the place to be. The alley is hidden in the backstreets of Cemetery Road. It can best be accessed by taking a rideshare since it's not accessible via public transport. pork ribs soup is a Singaporean pork-rib soup, which has been enjoyed as a breakfast dish by locals and tourists for decades. Here you'll find some of Singapore's best interpretations of this incredibly flavorful soup among other amazing local dishes.

Go on a Cruise Along the Singapore River

Who says you need to leave Singapore for an amazing waterfront experience? The Singapore River cruise takes you from one iconic landmark to another, giving passengers a unique and relaxing view of downtown, Sentosa Island, and many other attractions. As your cruise boat glides past skyscrapers, bridges, and historical sites beyond the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, you will enjoy breathtaking city views. As well as fascinating stories about the people and architecture that have shaped this modern metropolis.

Discover Traditional Culture in Kampong Glam

Explore the dynamic culture, history, and architecture of Kampong Glam in Singapore. The traditional ancestral home of Malay royalty, this vibrant neighborhood is an eclectic mix of old-school shops, intricate mosques, restored shophouses, and chic boutiques. Make sure to visit Malay Heritage Centre for a comprehensive insight into the local culture as you stroll down Haji Lane. One of Singapore’s premier fashion and soul scenes saturated with street art. Enjoy colorful lounges, unique creative stores, and delicious eateries as you venture deeper into the colorful streets of Kampong Glam.

Attractions Traditional Culture
Traditional Culture


Singapore is one of the top-class destinations for nature lovers as well as travelers Plenty of things to explore including architecture, and breathtaking landmarks. Gardens by the Bay is also a worth-seeing destination with 20-25-meter-tall trees for new tourists.

Try to explore the local culture of Singapore at the Malay Heritage Center. There is lying complete cultural growth from ancient times to recent ages. In short, a lot of things are there to surprise those who are willing to explore this universe, especially Singapore.